I’ve been using various different blogwares on beastwithin.org over the years - blosxom, typo, and then Movable Type - but this time, at least the change isn’t very dramatic. I moved from Movable Type to Melody. Melody is still “beta”, despite their promises that the thing would be released by the end of 2010, but heck, if it’s based on MT 4.x, it can’t be that buggy. OK, it’s obviously buggy in that it still claims to be Movable Type in numerous subtle ways. But this should nevertheless work as is.

I know, nobody cares. But just in case there are some *ahem* beta issues with Melody, here’s the obligatory test post!

Random interesting link, which pretty much summarises why the heck I keep using MT (…or blogwares based on MT): How did WordPress win?