Ages ago, I used to babble about stupid things found in the spam. That lost novelty pretty quick, because most of the spam is pretty dull so it’s easy to just delete the crap.

One of the things I’ve learned of the spammers over the years is that they are quick to demand their right to freedom of speech to be respected. People who fight spam, they say, are suppressing free speech. As I rambled on this before, I’m all for spammers to have the right to free speech, as long as they don’t demand we also have a duty to listen, which they seem to take for granted and which doesn’t exactly exist in real world.

So imagine my non-surpise when I opened up Movable Type’s trackback spam folder to nuke the SEO rubbish:

spammerdreams.pngSuch is the drive that makes the spammers spread their message; they run from vengeful crowds and demand their message to be read without interruption, shaming and inconvenient questions.

But spammers obviously don’t get subtle things of the human communication. There’s no retribution involved if you compliment the looks of a woman, if you, like, know her really darn well… or something like that. Similarly, dear spammers, I expect commercial messages only from entities whose products and services I’m particularly interested in. You know, a fruitful business-to-consumer relationship based on elements of mutual respect and trust.