(Slashdot reports that Yahoo! is closing Delicious. Here’s my rant, copied from the comments.)

<p>I didn’t want to use del.icio.us, because by the time I started using social bookmarking, it was already owned by Yahoo!, and I specifically wanted something that might have been independent.</p>

So I started using ma.gnolia. Awesome, fast service with nice little features and general Web 2.0-friendliness all around. They just failed to make working backups. Boom.

So I started using Twine. Leet folksonomic RDF-what-the-fuckery. Slowish. Yawn. Never quite figured out if it was possible to import bookmarks there. And by the time I started sort of getting interested of what other features the service supported, the thing got bought out. So much for that thing.

So I started using Simpy. An old service. No frills, but also rather fast, and rather well-functional. Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Even let me download a backup of the bookmarks if or when I wanted to. I said "yeah, whatever, I'll take a look at it later on" and wandered off. Surely this service wouldn't get off the net while I was away for a while? Wrong! They got eaten by fucking Reuters and shut down. Why? Why? Millions of victims demand answers, Reuters.

At this point, a few little doubts had started to come to my mind about the whole social bookmarking idea. People said "Ha ha! That's what you'll get for not doing the logical thing and using Delicious! We're old, we're established, we're a known brand. Yahoo! can't possibly kill us."

*sigh* *rueful headshake*

Folks, if you want a good example of my favourite Web 2.0 services, look at GitHub, because GitHub demands that you make local backups of your stuff, and you can migrate your stuff on another Git host in 5 seconds flat for whatever damn reason you happen to have in your head. Why can't we do the same thing to other Web 2.0 sites?