“Here’s the most famous Google search term in Finland!” hypeth the news (in Finnish).

…and the most famous Google search term is… “Facebook”.

Followed by YouTube, the major tabloids, Gmail and Hotmail.

“The top ten list was mostly the same as in the preceding year.”


Seriously. What the heck. It’s 2010 and people still don’t know how to use browser bookmarks? We’ve had this feature in since the stone age, and people still don’t know how to use it? In newer web browsers, the bookmarks just keep getting better and more efficient, and people still don’t know how to use them?

(I’m assuming you’re using Firefox. If not, get it.)
Look, there’s that little star thingy on the toolbar. When you find a cool website, click on it. Now, you can just type name of the website on the toolbar - don’t press Enter yet. A list should pop up. Pick it from the list. snap Ta da!

Yle draws the inevitable conclusion: “Many people use Google as a net portal, through which they move to daily, familiar websites.” Did you know you can stick those things to the Google home page itself? Yep! Most of the famous sites can be added as widgets. The rest can be subscribed.

Yeah, it’s clearly the time of the year again when we should get depressed about the fact that people just don’t bother to learn to use computers properly.

But at least people on the Yle news story are sharing these exact same sort of tips.

I shall not give up hope on end users just yet. =)