Since I like Metroid, my sister gave me a poster and some stickers that apparently came with a recent issue of NGamer. The poster was fairly cool, but unfortunately, they just don’t make posters like they used to. We demand huger posters. This is one of the fields where print media could definitely compete against the onslaught of the Internet sites. Better posters. Dammit.

mom-poster.jpgThe stickers - well, I’m not sure if I want to tune up the controllers, owing to wear. But the Metroid sticker is really cool for making the Wii look a little bit more intimidating. “Grr. Go play Metroid Prime or I’ll suck your brains out.”

mom-stick1.jpgHowever, the most useful use for the stickers was in a completely unrelated front. Specifically, to significantly improve the already brilliant games that were released around the same time.

mom-stick2.jpgIt’s fairly obvious that the Noble Team got damn nowhere without tons of help from the Mini-Samus.