A few days ago, I was a little bit surprised - though not much - by the open source release of Ryzom (actually even propped by the Free Software Foundation).

This is remarkable news. Art assets are included; this will hopefully mean less crappy-looking open source games. Game server and client source code will probably further the growth of open source MMORPGs and further the research on this field.

This was not entirely unexpected, because Nevrax folks did make some open source thingies earlier.

On a personal level, I find this rather weird, because I had some sort of weird, unexplainable affection for Ryzom, even when I’ve never played the game. I once had a weird dream in which I bought the game and went playing.

(Eh. Looks like me getting back to blogging just isn’t working too well…)

Anyway - this looks great, and I hope we’ll see a Linux client and Ye Olde Open Grinding Server. =)