In summer, it's always fun to play the old games. In my parents' home, I don't have a television in my old room, but I still do have two Commodore 64s, 1541 disk drive, and the Commodore 1802 monitor.

And since Wii has Commodore 64 games, what would be more logical than try seeing what they look like on a real Commodore monitor, right?

The annoying thing is, the copy of California Games for Wii is the first legit copy of the game I've had. I was going to post a comparison screenshot of California Games running on a real C64, but I could only find the Side 2 of the heinously illegal copy. (I didn't Copy That Floppy. I got the stack of disks from the previous owner of the machine, back in the day. Even when I was a kid, I had no idea why the hell these highly competent buccaneers couldn't put the game on two sides of the same floppy.)

Still, my highly unscientific opinion is that California Games on Wii is not quite the same as California Games on a real C64. Even on a real Commodore monitor, the picture qualify far surpasses the real C64. And, of course, the load times are far shorter. And there's no floppies that can be lost. Maybe the folks doing the Wii ports of C64 games could do something similar to the "PAL emulation" modes from VICE...