Sooo… a guy called Pieter synthesizes relatively simple MIDIs to wave files. No big deal, right?

It is, if he first ripped the SoundFont from Animal Crossing: Wild World… and painstakingly tweaked the MIDIs to sound exactly like K.K. Slider’s songs.

Not only we have here excellent renditions of Nintendo tracks, but also some other game tracks and indisputably classic songs of all kinds. I was in tears when I hear K.K.’s rendition of Eagles’ “Hotel California”. (Or is it “K.K. Hotel”?) And I was struck by both the epicness of the Mii choir and the mindblowing harmony of K.K.’s interpretation of DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames”. (Or, since the picture features K.K: in Smashville, is it “Through The Fire and Foxes”?)