godot_or_matlock.jpg…or an experiment of how many copyrighted properties you can cram in a single picture. But I’ve never needed more than 20 cups of coffee to snap a single picture from a video game. That’s one of my rules.

The screenie is from Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City. My characters in this series have usually been formed through the ardourous process of “whatever starts making sense”. The other day, I picked up a nice head-mounted display, got some detective gear earlier, and today, I managed to somehow turn the hair white. And to complete the thing, went to get some damn coffee.

Though since the Shampoodle girl misunderstood my “CRAZY” direction, I’m not sure if I ended up with Godot (as intended) or Matlock. Well, at least it’s got plenty of that lock!

(Originally posted in my deviantART scraps)