Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has been a bit problematic game for me. It’s much harder game than Metroid Prime, and when I started playing the game, I made a conscious effort not to look at any walkthroughs - after all, I had beaten Metroid Prime with some help so the sequel should not prove to be problematic, right?

Well, I’m happy to say that while I did indeed look at walkthroughs while playing the game, I can honestly say that I did figure out the strategies myself. In the end, I did look at the walkthrough at times to see if there’s any “optimal” way of beating the bosses - but I did manage to figure out how to damage them and what I really should do to beat them. That’s one of the annoying features of Metroid series: You somehow manage to figure out how to beat the things, but figuring out how to do things without dying 10 times is the hard part. I’m taking my enjoyment from the fact that I figure things out this way, rather than slavishly following the “Real Men don’t look at the walkthroughs” purism that I thought was a good idea. I enjoy the games more this way.

Anyway, the end battle was amazing - much more fun than the Metroid Prime last boss. Took some massive amount of cursing to get through, though… The crazy thing is, of course, that the final forms of the bosses aren’t so difficult at all; Emperor Ing’s first form is the hardest because it sucks up all ammo and there’s such a limited time to damage the thing.

One annoying thing about the game was the fact that I got 99% of the scans. I missed one damn one-time-only scan (the space pirate cannon). Damn. Well, maybe I’ll be inspired to beat the game again or something. Eventually.

But now, this game is finally over. Finally. Damn it. No more beating the goddamn Spider Guardian. Considering adding Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to the to-get list.

I need a bit of rest. But at least now I can get back to playing Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age, without any big diversions like this any more.