For me, the last week marked the end of GameCube gaming... well, GameCube gaming on a GameCube, at least.

Here's the complex, remarkable and weird tale on the last few days of SSBM on the Almighty Cube, and how I moved from the Cube to that fantastic new white box thing. Warning: Horrenduous flash photography also included. Another warning: Nothing works.

The last game that I absolutely had to beat to some certain extent was Super Smash Bros. Melee. My memory card had blown up some years ago and I still hadn't unlocked all characters, mostly because Mewtwo takes such a horrenduously long time to get on vs. mode. So, my solution was to just play some 60-minute vs. matches.


Fox was my chosen combatant here. I can't just come up with good captions for some of these pictures. Hmm...

Honest, overblown caption: "No! We must not give up now! We've fought this hard for hours to end! Come on, team, you can do it!"

The caption containing a Needless Internet Culture Reference: "Man, that was awesome. Tittyfucking awesome, man."
60-minute vs. matches are very darn hard, mostly because they can also get a bit boring. But I've never, ever in my life gotten over 160 K.O.s in a single match. Well, the lower skill level of the enemies probably had something to do with it.

ssbm_foxbutt.jpg20 hours of play time is just ridiculous. And at one point, you start seeing things. Horrible things. Horrible things that are also kind of funny. Fox butts and stuff. But in the end... are rewarded.

That's that for the obligatory SSBM part - and playing SSBM will continue, no doubt, because there's still stuff to be unlocked.

Last Thursday, I got the Wii. This was a bit of a weird and problematic experience. First of all, there was a random funny remark from the game store clerk: "Well, it's a bag from a bit different company, but I hope it will do..."
wii_wrongbag.jpg<funnyaccent>An evil kapitalist ploy to suppress the distribution of higher arts!</funnyaccent> The epicly branded plastic bag could barely hold the weight of the Wii box. How on Earth could it have possibly held the weight of an X-Box? The world is full of mysteries.

But what was in the bag obviously mattered much much more.
"Oh my God, Nintendo Wii!"

Now, I'll say this one thing about my gaming habits: I don't do demos. I usually try to keep myself in suspense before actually getting the game and playing it for the first time. The same goes for the consoles: my vague idea about Wii was something along the lines of "uses SD cards and has internal Flash drive so you don't need to get a memory card at first; uses WLAN;" (though it came to me as a surprise that LAN needs an USB adapter) "GameCube games need GC controllers and memory cards. Oh, and it comes with Wii Sports, which is apparently a pretty neat game."

So, it was a complete surprise to me that it had a News Channel, which is quickly becoming my favourite way of following news. It took only a few days - Sunday, I think - that the News Channel showed me the first news from Finland, which also happened to be the first local Oulu news I've seen (on the results of the 2008 Air Guitar World Championships).

But nothing could have prepared me for what was the very first news I saw on the News Channel. Being a geek, I immediately headed out to read the technology news, that reported on...

Anyway, despite these minor weirdnesses (and Wii's panic-inducing inability to read the Wii Sports disc at first - turned out to be just a case of dirty discs after all), the Wii has been, so far, an interesting experience.