Glest, which I found some time ago, seems like an interesting game. The open source world could certainly use a few good real-time strategy games, especially ones with cute dragons.

A few things seem to speak against Glest right now: While the game seems decent, it’s not exactly polished what comes to the user interface. For some reason, from general playability point of view, there seems to be some sort of… well, one could call it apathy. I guess the game core is important, but the rest of the game user interface seems just boring. When you start the game up, you get logo and web site URL. Yawn. Boring fonts. Loading screen is one of those “technical” kinds where boring-font text shows that boring files are being slowly heaved into the computer memory from the disk. Compare this to, say, Wesnoth: Thrilling title screens! Nice buttons all around! Progress bars, while a bit boring, aren’t aesthetically dubious, and you don’t need to suffer from filenameitis.

Another is that it doesn’t really run on the old comp with GeForce 2 MX. And Mac install is… well, really difficult - it’s not an .app you can drag to the Applications and remove by dragging it to trash, like Wesnoth - I hate games that have to be scrubbed.

But aside of technical problems, I really hope all of the best for the developers - it certainly looks like a promising game.