Okay - so what I have done lately? I have been playing the game that is probably right up in the somewhat shortish list of “games I absolutely felt I had to beat.”


Thief: The Dark Project, which I started playing late last year and finally beat yesterday for the first time - probably the first game I've started playing and completed in Wine - has been an extremely intense experience. It has had everything: cute lizards, Tombraideresque lost cities, verily hammerething fanatics, weird ratpeople, things that go *GONK* in the night, mysteriously disappearing piles of treasure, strange feeling that everything in this game has been made on purpose, gothic darkess, sheer horror, strange feeling that everything in this game makes sense for some reason, fumbling, humour, and...

…well, let me put it this way: This game is art. Usually, when people say some game is a work of pure art it means it’s hard like hell. I think great artful games should not be just amazing and finely crafted, but fun too. Thief is certainly not amazing by today’s standards - heck, to release a game with Quake’s graphic details in 1998 was pretty weird, probably - but all things considered, this game has great atmosphere and even greater soundscapes. But the cool thing is, it’s probably playable by a layman. I had great fun at the normal skill level; I think I’ll have a blast at the higher skill level next!

But before that, Deus Ex. =)