Oh my dear. I've actually finished Tomb Raider.

Last night, I don't know exactly when, I finished Tomb Raider. The big cause to celebrate is that about 10 years ago, I got the PC version of the game. I can't remember exactly when I got the game, and I don't seem to have it recorded down anywhere, but the game was out 10 years ago and I seem to have got the game shortly afterwards. (Now that I'm awake, I think I got the game on late winter holiday; I distinctly remember reading the Pelit magazine review before getting the actual game, and the review was in issue 1/1997.) The only odd thing is that I've beat the Playstation version rather than the PC version. But then again, PC version is a tad bit harder. I swore I'd beat Tomb Raider in 10-year limit, and decided I'd be done with it before the end of the year 2006. Turns out my schedule wasn't really airtight... but it never really needed to be - hey, a few more days isn't going to ruin all if the game has awaited completion for that long!

The game is great. The only disappointing thing is that the cutscenes aren't really all that great (very clumsy 3D animations, even by that day's standards - looks like they just bought 3DStudio and started messing around), and the models are pretty low-poly. (Can't make sense of what some things are meant to be...) Wish I could run the PC version right now, it at least had a high-rez mode.

The end was a little bit disappointing. Guess Metroid Prime has dulled my senses in what to expect from end bosses; I walk in with bagloads of ammo and stuff, and the end boss is the most trivial thing ever imagined. Eh... Also, the end clip was a bit short and the end credits were a bit disappointing too. Strange how new games make us demand more...

Anyway, I'm slightly disappointed with myself. It's yet another game that I couldn't finish without looking at walkthroughs. In my defense, I have to say that I didn't really get any new information out of them; I merely glanced at them to see how much of the level remained. That's because the last levels weren't really all that difficult, they were just annoying. I had to look at the walkthroughs to see how much there was in the levels. I did figure out all puzzles in the game all by myself, as annoying as it seemed, and found the secrets that I ever found all by myself, too. So, um, I guess I'm nearing to being a good citizen.

Okay, phew, now I can finally focus on Final Fantasy VIII again. Oh wait, still have to beat Baten Kaitos =)