I have highest regard for the Wikimedia Foundation. They've truly made access to information much, much easier, and truly enable wonderful content to be created.

It's just that they're, at times, narrow at topics they cover. I can't blame them for that, of course: some regulations on what to do are always in order.

Wikimedia has a great project called Wikibooks. They founded the thing as a place for textbooks on various topics - place to get everything you need for good, educational, in-depth stuff on various educational topics. An educational foundation doing some very educational things.

However, there was probably a slight idea problem at Wikipedia: When people started making really long and unencyclopedic additions to Wikipedia, about all sorts of small but loved enemies and whatnot of games, people suggested to take that stuff to Wikibooks. Wikibooks has started to be the odd place for all sorts of odd how-to guide stuff. Game guides? You can have game guides too.

Except that now, Wikibooks is clarifying its policy. They're going back to the original mission: Wikibooks exists for textbooks. Heads will roll - but fortunately, not very far.

On Wikibooks, the computer game bookshelf will have to go. It's been tossed around for a last few months. Final decision to get rid of it was made late last month. Jimbo Wales said, "I am unaware of any elementary school, high school, or college courses which require computer game walkthroughts as a text." Of course, he's pretty much right: if I ever taught a game course where people had to play through a game, I'd at least ask the students play through the game without looking at too many guides. =)

Fortunately, the content will be transwikied to a newer wiki called StrategyWiki, complete with histories, if at all possible. It has been planned well over the last few moments, and is now in progress. There's some discussion over StrategyWiki about this, too. A lot of stuff has already been moved, and StrategyWiki looks like a rather lively place.

Now all that remains to do is to take StrategyWiki under Wikimedia Foundation's wings - after all, some critics of Wikimedia might call this move a bit humourless. I'm a huge fan of theirs, and I'm still a bit baffled, but I can understand the thing because this was, strictly speaking, not the proper use of Wikibooks.

It's just that now I need to fix my Final Fantasy VII guide. Again. =/