This is kind of old news. Jack Thompson wanted people to make a game about a father who has lost a son due to a someone influenced by violent video games going to a murder spree. So, people made the game. Two of them, in fact.

One is called I'm O.K. - which I hadn't seen, because it's Windows only and Wine doesn't really run it. Game Politics tipped that there's now a video of the game. I like speedrun videos already, this was quite interesting!

mw2act.png<p>I just find it odd that (according to Wikipedia) Jack Thompson didn’t think it was even possible that such games were published, due to game companies not wanting to depict violence toward themselves. Umm… hate to break it to you, but there’s many games already that depict violence toward game companies, often specifically toward themselves. A very early example of this is in the above image from Mechwarrior 2, where we can find the Activision headquarters in one of the levels - conveniently targeted by this big war machine in the picture. I’ve heard there’s such funny feature in Command & Conquer series too, if I remember correctly - though these days, you can’t blow up Westwood anymore.</p>

Seriously, the only reason Rockstar/Take2 is holding that back is that they're, well, a big company, and game like this doesn't sell.