Here's a bug report I filed a while ago. It looks like the game developers are acting on it. I sure hope things do get improved.

But I'm getting cynical on the topic.

Game music doesn't get enough attention.

Sure, you always hear how Nobuo Uematsu's stuff sells like popcorn. But now, I'm talking about slightly less known music.

And especially music very close of its native format.

The bug report above is for Battle for Wesnoth, one of the coolest strategy games I've played, and also one with some amazing music. (Check out Zhay Music - some really cool music that has been used in some other open source games too, like Adonthell and such.) It's a great game, yep. But when you load up the .ogg files from the music directory to the music player - whoops, you see the exact same mind-numbing problem you see with commercial games.

Stated plainly: the tagging sucks. It sucks in free games, it sucks in commercial games, it's pretty damn awful in some really high-budget games.

Now, I think Nobuo Uematsu makes pretty good music (not the best game music ever, but definitely from the better half). But I really how the big gears behind Square's music soundtrack machinery crank out what I, as a game music consumer, really like: Distinct tags. Identified songs. And most important of all, distinct song names.

Whereas here, I'm looking at a bunch of files pulled out of Warcraft III. The game had a couple of different composers. The good news: Songs have distinct names. The bad news: Not all tracks have artist names. So here I was: "Ho-hum, this bloody well sounds like Glenn Stafford to me, say, 75% probability. Damn, it does sound like Warcraft II, at least!"

And now, here, I was with Wesnoth. Currently, 12 music tracks. Few have really good tags.

Title: battle for wesnoth - strategic plot

This is not what your mother would want you to send to AudioScrobbler. This would, however:

Title: Strategic plot
Artist: Joseph G. Toscano
Album: Battle for Wesnoth

Why do I care? Well, primarily thanks to me using AudioScrobbler now. I just heard how some people have noticed how people start paying attention to what they watch on TV when TiVo builds a profile of them. The same with AudioScrobbler: I don't want crappily tagged music appearing on my profile. Before, it was just a little bit of internal crying and whining in silence when I couldn't even find the damn artist for the track, let alone figure out a good name for the track; Nowadays, it's a frigging public issue. I want to show the world that yes, I listen to this particular game's music, I like the composer of this track, blah blah blah. I can't. The music isn't identifiable.

We just need the game music tracks to be properly identified. All I ask is for some distinct names. If I see yet another track titled "Title screen" I'm going to explode, or just get annoyed anyway. And if you have six composers on the project, tell us who did what. Grr.

Now, it'd be cool if I could find out who the hell composed the title music of Deus Ex...

End of rant.

Update: Scary how some things get uncovered if I try hard enough. Deus Ex musicians are unmasked. =)