Wayyy back some time ago, I bought the PC version of Sudeki. Of course, I didn't have "Windows 2000 or better" at the time, and I sure don't have Windows 2000 or better now, either... so actually playing the game has been kind of impossible. I just bought the game to send a message that hey, more games with Finnish lead designers would be a good idea.

Nowadays I'm Windows-free, and all of my PC stuff happens on Linux. I now happen to have a spare hard drive that's only "almost" dying. Wouldn't hurt installing Windows on that and loading up all sorts of game crap on that and play games... would rule to work on Neverwinter Nights mods again, or play Morrowind! Would be pain to open the computer and unplug my main hard drive and install the spare hard drive every time to play the game though...

...um, wait, why a completely separately used hard drive? You can put two drives just fine on one IDE cable, right? It's possible to dual-boot between Linux and Windows, right? GRUB is love and universe and life, right?

The thing is, way back then, I heard Sudeki has a sucky copy protection system. Apparently, someone had had their Linux partitions ka-boomed. (I guess they just got their MBR blown off, but I can't be too sure without testing myself.) If I unplug my Linux drive while using Windows - well, let's see that copy protection stuff try mess with that!

What's with the remembrance of things past? Well, just today I heard of a fun copy protection system StarForce that installs itself as a Windows device driver, completely messes up the IDE access (now this is starting to sound pretty typical) and does other interesting things.

I was not at all surprised to find Sudeki from the list of games.

(I would post about this to the Boycott StarForce site, but since I haven't checked my e-mail this week and need to download my spam again when I have time, I'm temporarily boycotting forums that need e-mail addy to register... =)

Oh, and I wish to say StarForce messing up Linux partitions is just hearsay and I can't remember the site where someone said that. Apparently, StarForce can't take critique.

Now that I'm a full-time Linux user (though at the university I sometimes also use Macs and I sometimes have to Fix Windows Stuff when people somehow think I'm the Computer Guy, to which my reply is usually to look at the computer dumbfoundedly for half a hour, run Spybot S&D and install Firefox and tell them to Never Touch IE Again), may I ask what the hell is going on in here? The last version of Windows I used was 98SE, and a few years back everyone was saying "hey, switch to 2000 or XP, that's more stable and more secure." I could understand the malware concern in 98SE where everyone can install everything. I run Linux. XP is supposed to be up to the caliber. So here we have a game that needs Windows equivalent of "modprobe lazily_mess_with_ide.ko" to run? I'll stick to my Linux binaries from those thoughtful companies that care to port their games, thank you very much. And this GameCube and DS thingy.

In related news, everyone should try playing Neverwinter Nights on Linux - It doesn't use the SafeDisc copy protection found in the Windows version, I can't even remember when I last time took out the game from the box...