Okay, some very tired thoughts at four o'clock in the morning...

Yesterday's big news was that I registered to play NetHack on alt.org.

It's a great big freaking time that I get over of my NetHack depression. I have to fight it. I bloody well will beat this game one day.

What NetHack depression? Well, NHD is a very very typical thing - I play what seems to be a rather decent game, get squished like a bug, and swear not to touch the game for the next six months. And after six months, the same thing.

And what makes it even worse is three things: I've played the game damn long already and still don't quite achieve good results; I consider beating this game to be the only criteria for being considered a Serious Gamer; and thirdly, if I see other people getting squillion times more points if I do, well, that certainly does put certain dent in my motivation... I have this annoying tendency to want to excel, and completely and utterly failing to do that does get me down - and no, quit saying that majority of the modern gamers haven't ascended either, dammit!

I've played the game for... hell if I know how long. The thing is, 10 years ain't even close. And my current NetHack skillset is somewhat similar to an advanced player that has maybe played the game for a half an year; I know the most obvious things that I'm not supposed to do, some of the things that are good to do, and that's that.

But the thing is, I've never really looked at NetHack in an analytic way. I've just pressed on, killed things, and then died a stupid death, thinking "well, I'd better not do that in the future!" I think NetHack is a wrong game to start with; I've now played a lot of other games and that's probably teaching me more on how to play games. All these years, I've never had the proper mindset for this kind of games.

I guess it's time for me to quit thinking this as a yet another CRPG and start thinking it as what it is - an action game with endless possibilities for minmaxing and stuff. stretching fingers:: Hmm...

I swear I'll be done before... well, let's be generous and say 2016. Well, at lest it's pretty safe to say I've done the Quest by then. =)

And finally, I'm very surprised to see "Killed by a fox" as the #11 cause of death. "A corrrnered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!" ...um, jackals are on the list too. At #3. Glad to see the old favorite (NOT!), water moccasins, on rank #2, though. =)