Last... weekend or so, I beat Metroid: Zero Mission on Easy in 2 hours 35 minutes or so.

I had previously beaten MZM on Normal and once on Easy. I thought 2:35 was a pretty good time. Then I started playing MZM on Normal again. I thought I'd get one of the cooler images that you get if you beat the thing in less than 4 hours.

Did I ever.

So after a week of playing this thing on and off, I beat it today...


1 hour 53 minutes 54 seconds!!!

This thing seems to be quite interesting. At one point, you just "get" it and then you start playing it really nicely. I think I got some sort of understanding of the game.

Okay, this might not actually have been that great feat. I hope I'll be able to pull off a sub-2h 100% run...