ffdos-knockdown.png<p>US version.</p>
ffdos-cutsize.png<p>European version.</p>

A small, random observation from Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls.

I keep hearing how much this localisation ruled, especially compared to previous translations. One of the most frequently heard praise is that the translators restored the classic mistranslation to the game. When the heroes in Final Fantasy I confront Garland, the first boss, for the first time, he says, just like in the NES version, "I, Garland, will knock you all down!!"

I didn't keep my eyes that peeled when I fought this baddie, and it had been quite a while now since I'm already on the end side of the game. Well, a new game, and... huh... "I, Garland, will cut you down to size!!"

But then I realized that I'm not really mad. In US, I can sort of understand why people wanted the line back. After all, that's how the game was when it was released there. But here, the game was never released with English translation (or in any form, for that matter, until Origins).

Yet, I find it pretty interesting that this single translation bit might build some sort of gap between US and Europe. Here, I think, Garland is a bit different person now.

Oh well, it's an awfully late hour. Just felt like posting some comparative screenshots and rambling.