I've now switched from Blosxom to Typo for this site.

It's not that Blosxom didn't work. It's just that Typo seems a lot more flexible and it also supports a lot of cool stuff. Having all of the stuff in sqlite database also hopefully makes backups easier. It's also one of the few really featureful blogwares that don't need MySQL and also supports PostgreSQL and such. (I won't be paying my webhost for garbage like MySQL but would be paying if they had PostgreSQL =)

I hope this thing will help me make editing a little bit less troublesome. And it's written using Ruby on Rails which makes it even cooler. =)

...and if you can read this, that means the migration actually worked =) I've yet to migrate/make the site layout. One cannot have a game blog without the Joystick up there.

Update, 22:26: And here's the first update using Drivel. =) Typo seems like a really great blogware. I've only so far run into problems with Technorati, they seem to remove the last slash from the blog URLs even if I specifically gave it to them, and no matter how many Apache RewriteRules I throw at this thing, it just gives me a 400 Bad Request without the trailing slash. Well well...