Here's a random Finnish term: "rappiokalastaja".

That would mean "degenerate fisherman", kind of like "rappioalkoholisti" means "degenerate alcoholist". I invented this absurdness as, ahem, an preposterously absurd insult that will be likely to amuse rather than anger. (Though I was kind of thinking of Pentti Linkola while I cooked this term up years ago.)

The whole thing was invented as a part of spicing up Magic: the Gathering games. Years ago, some bored sysadmin at MTV3 Internet reconfigured the hostnames of the dial-up machines so that each of them had some insult, ROT13d. A lot of nasty but also a lot of preposterously clever insults. (A Usenet message describing them is in google's archives.)

I printed out the list, it took 2 pages, and my sister and I both shouted these things from our own pages when we did Nasty Stuff™ in the game. We also came up with a lot of new really weird insults. I typed this little piece of gem, for some reason, on Commodore 64. This one was clearly the best of the insults on that file though.

We haven't played MtG much lately, but the "rappiokalastaja" bit still lives. My sister is addicted to Animal Crossing, where, of course, fishing is a very important part of the game and a great source of income. "Time for more degenerate fishing!"

Well, just a random bit of in-jokery that still lives on. Unfortunately. Just thought of rambling about this, because I just got really addicted to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - finally got amazed enough to play 'til the third game day. Needless to say, I soon became a degenerate fisherman myself, though luckily so far, I haven't caught anything in that game. =)

But I don't think we both are really degenerate fisherpeople yet: at least we haven't yet got games that were specifically about fishing...