Here's my new random idea that I think might be worth doing.

Every time - well, not quite every time, but close enough - that I will complete a game, I'll try to think of contributing something to people who will be playing the game in future. A new informative piece or something.

When I first completed Ultima VII, I made a map. I took a raw world map that had been dumped from the game, then added labels to every building I went to. The end result was a... gigantic map. The next time I beat the game, I created a plot diagram - diagram of the stuff that had to be done to finish the game.

I'm not saying that every time anyone completes a game they should submit a new, complete walkthrough to GameFAQs. I'm saying people should contribute to some game-related cause while the game is still fresh in their memories. I've just beaten Final Fantasy VII; I may be hanging around the Final Fantasy Wikis and Wikipedia in near future, to fill in some of the details.

So that's a Random Good Idea of the Day. Hopefully, this might turn out to be interesting too.