In Friday, I finally got myself a PSone. Got it rather cheap used. As a present, actually. A cheap used present. Okay. Great.

I have been a Nintendo person all the time, so this has been quite a culture shock for me. I primarily got PSone for one specific reason: Playing Final Fantasy games.

And, of course, while I had glimpsed new copies of FF7 in stores ocassionally even as late as last year, I couldn't find one now. I had to order one from the net. Won't be here until Wednesday earliest. Grr.

Now, Playstations are supposed to be the "street credible" consoles. Playing PS games is supposed to instantly flip my cap the wrong way around, multiply my jeans size by six, decorate my shirt with various music-related logos, and make me spout Helsinki slang. At very least, it's supposed to make every other word I speak a swearword, specifically the F one. I, as a Nintendo guy, have been shielded from this Very Evil for a long time.

Now that I do have a PSone, it did make me spout swearwords. An example: "Do they f--ing ever make really this f--ng much s--t for the Pl-yst-t-n?"

Now, as mentioned, I primarily bought PSone for the actual classic games that was made for PS1. Nowadays, we live in age where game houses make lots of crap for all platforms. Yet, when I go in game store and look at the GameCube shelf, the chances are that many of the games are pretty much something that I might, might conceivably buy if I had all of the money in the world.

And now I had a good look at the games produced recently on PSone, as well as tons of the stuff that were produced... Holy cow. Tons of crap. How did they ever think anyone could possibly fall in trap of buying some of this stuff? I've seen stuff that looked so horrendous that I didn't even remember the names. They were probably along the lines of the legendary "Ihaveseen Thisbefore Racing". People say Nintendo is a "kid console", but did I ever see tons of new PS1 games specifically calculated to make parents Lose Money... absolutely cold-blooded stuff. (Sony and Disney. Two great evils that go well together. Together, they shall rule the world with iron fist.) I also saw a bowling game for Christ's sake, a bowling game. Who, in the post-Indoor Sports world, could possibly waste money on bowling game??? (Indoor Sports bowling was bloody impossible to control, but I bet none of the new adaptations of the game have quite as good facial expression...)

Okay, so I did pick up a "classic game" too. Tomb Raider. I've never played any of the latter parts of the series, but I did remember that the first one kind of ruled. (Except for the fact that you needed to shoot wolves. Which don't even live on Southern Hemisphere.)

Then, I picked up a few used games. One was Deathtrap Dungeon, and I thought of a funny thing. I had seen this one reviewed in Pelit magazine. I couldn't remember anything specific about the review, which is quite understandable. I still thought it was going to be at least mediocre because Pelit won't generally waste space on completely worthless games (unless, of course, the game is completely worthless, in which case they generally warn the public; since these tend to be pretty amusing warnings, they generally stick in mind though...) The back cover said something along the lines of "Like Tomb Raider, except it rules." I read the Pelit review from their web archive, and it said "Like Tomb Raider, only it sucks." Well, I did play it a bit. Not really awful. Yes, kind of mediocre.

One was Dino Crisis, which I haven't played yet so I can't tell either way.

One was Shadow Man, which I primarily picked because it was widely hyped in 1999 when it came out. I had heard the title screen music earlier, and it kind of ruled. (the chanting seems to sound like <span lang="fi">"asiakas, asiakas, asiakas..." which is Finnish for "client, client, client..." and since the game involves Voodoo and all that stuff, of course this song is great for the heavy-voodoo, ahem client-driven IT industry. =) I didn't really play the game yet, but the intro scene was so utterly goth that I just had to admire it. I mean... sewers or such... Moonlight Sonata... Jack the Ripper, appropriately whining about the misfortunes and the world... an Evil Guy™ making pact with him. And Jack stabbing himself. You can't get more Goth than this, dammit. =)

The real playing starts when my copy of FF7 arrives, but so far, things tend to be pretty... odd.