Okay! This blog thing has started to work kind of well over the last half of year. Finally.

Frankly, blosxom is an amazing system. For example, I initially thought this would not be good because it uses filesystem mtimes exclusively. Turns out there's meta data support and all and I can put creation dates right to the files. Heh. So, my crazy recovery plan is not needed, and story identifiers will be shorter.

Today, I "created" a new gradient for the story titles. The graininess of the gradient is a feature. Kind of r3tr0 thing. Now that I can mess with the files as much as I like, I also validated the XML stuff.

Stuff to do in future: Atom feed (there's a blosxom plugin for that, which doesn't work properly with entities anyway, and doesn't support required "modified" field, so I can't get the feed to validate...), better logo, and actually interesting content. Not necessarily in that order, of course. =)