Today around 23:35... Ocarina of Time is THROUGH! WOOHOO! I HAVE OFFICIALLY COMPLETED THE BEST GAME EVER MADE! Ahem... excuse me. Allow me to express my happiness. "Yay!"

When I did Wind Waker, I went crazy looking for more heart pieces and... stuff. Well, as it stands, I completed Zelda64 pretty much incompletely. I had something like 15 hearts and a bit over 50 skulltula tokens. Only. Tried only some of the magic beans and only got two spells and fire/light arrows. Trading sequence was done, but not the mask trading bit.

But today, I took a bit more radical approach.

Hell, I could have finished the two supposedly Damn Hard temples ages ago if I had only bothered to try. They weren't really that hard. People had been calling them Really Hard and I had done them pretty easily.
So how about just finishing the whole game today?

Okay, I did the barriers of Ganon's Tower pretty easily. No problem.
Hey, I had some more time. How about going up and challenging Ganondorf, that old goth and music lover, to a refreshing game of light ball tennis?

Okay, some more of that, and I started to win.

I actually beat Ganondorf.

Well, I somehow just thought this thing has to be completed now. But I didn't want to ruin my good savegame before Ganondorf, so I resetted and went copying the file to another memory card. Then I went and smacked Ganondorf again.

The dramatic escape.

Ganon. In person. (Or thing. Whatever.)

Okay, the fight proceeded pretty much... dramatically. At no point I was in danger.

Except in the end. Last fairy just disappeared, Ganon was mowing me down, and I was all out of magic.

To reset? To give up? To try again?

With suicidal rage, Link proceeded to hit Ganon's tail with all his might, without attempting to daze Ganon with light arrows.

Another sword blow, and there came Zelda's dazing light, pinning the monster down.

(Three hearts left.)

A sword blow or two later, Ganon had fallen.

The game was nowhere near as hard as I thought, but it wasn't exactly as easy as I thought it could be, either. I think I'm lucky to get this all done properly!