I'm playing through Ultima VII again, this time not cheating in any way... The following is a list of my savegames so far, in Doug the Eagle Dragon's style...

00bg: We have a suspect
01bg: Who Framed the Poor Guy?
02bg: Open and shut

(Some random sherlockholmesing in Trinsic and Paws)

03bg: Mr. Nose
04bg: Visited Mr. Nose

(Lord British was happy to see me)

05bg: We have the Cart!

(In which we get a cart from Trinsic, only to note that such clumsy vehicles only slow things down...)

06bg: Good that it's east wind

(Lock Lake isn't too clean)

07bg: Some Minoc fortune telling
08bg: Visited Minoc, Hoe be Fun

(Minoc's got some murders too. But I have the Hoe of Destruction!...)

09bg: A piece of history
10bg: Transmute Stone to Stone
11bg: Then comes the tricky part
12bg: That was a lot of spiders
13bg: Well that was tough

(My first attempt at going through Forge of Virtue. Stone golems? Pshaw. Easy to cure in Test of Love, easy to kill in Test of Courage. But the slime-filled corridor in the Test of Courage was too damn difficult!)

14bg: Batlin is a complete Destard

(Okay, in this game, I didn't open the box. But Batlin still sends me to that death-trap...)

15bg: Waiting for the Black Mass
16bg: First morning as a F-shipper
17bg: I Fed the Nation

(Made approximately 80 loaves of bread to get some initial funding...)

18bg: Toward the House of Richitude
19bg: Feeding the Robbery Habit

(...for some gambling, specifically, making something to the tune of 2600gp.)

20bg: And then, oral sex
21bg: Leaving the fun place

(..."All right! Wenches!"...)

22bg: Let's buy some Spells
23bg: Enough money? Not quite.
24bg: Gamblery part 2 done

(Bought almost everything from Nystul before I ran out of money again. Well, got something like over 4000gp this time.)

25bg: LeetSwordQuest Continueth...
26bg: Forgining of the Leetsword
27bg: The Leetsword is mine!
28bg: Virtues have been forged

(...and as I got back to the Test of Courage, I noted the mass-invisibility or massive-global-death spells just don't work! Oh well, at least I could kill the slimes this time without getting everyone killed in the process.)

29bg: Towards the Bush
30bg: I know what I'm doing. OUCH!
31bg: Take the honey and run
32bg: Rimsky-Korsakov? *BANG*

(Yew and the Bee Cave)

33bg: All spells but not quite mad
34bg: Iolo's Sty

(And not just any sty. A Disco-Sty.)

35bg: Empathical Instruments
36bg: Reached the Spankamiah Fort


37bg: Mister Mystery

(Met Alagner)

38bg: Bushiness is Unquestionable
39bg: A lesson in astronomy

(Frank the Fox and the Moonglow Observatory)

40bg: Heading to the Goth Opera
41bg: A cage most desolate
42bg: Let's make Love Potion
43bg: The Other Long Wait of the Gam
44bg: Ghosts shall open the Doors

(Skara Brae. God I love this part of the game.)

45bg: Mr. Mystery's Mystery House
46bg: That's a lot of boxes!
47bg: Them balls love good readin'
48bg: Timedaddy!
49bg: Mr. Mystery seems quite late

(Seems like Alagner doesn't need the book returned. Again.)