Recently, a Final Fantasy VII sequel (titled "Dirge of Cerberus") for PS2 was announced by Square Enix. So far, the only thing that has been confirmed is that the story will follow Vincent Valentine, which would be completely okay by me, except that I don't have a PS2. =) Anyway, I have somehow obtained a transcript of the game's intro. Here is a transcript of the intro movie:

Scene: A dark autumn day over a shack village, with heavy rain and thunderstorm. Dateline appears on the bottom: "North Corel. 18 months after Jenova's defeat and destruction of Sephiroth."

Barrett walks in one of the well-furnished shacks, where other characters from FF7 are already hanging around. "Yo, homes", he says, waving around cheerfully.

Cloud is sitting on the sofa, and looks up at Tifa, who apparently just arrived before Barrett, carrying some papers. "Hello Barrett. So, are there any news about these Cerberus things?" he asks.

Tifa shows Cloud one of the papers, apparently a map of some previously unknown island. "All I found among Sephiroth's belongings was a map showing the way to a place called the Isle of Cerberus, and this letter."

Barrett, impatient as usual, demands action. "Okay! Slap it down there!", motioning toward the table in the center of the room.

As Tifa opens the letter, something glowing rushes out of the envelope, and the whole letter mysteriously turns into a glowing magical thing that gets a life of its own and hovers above the table.

Barrett gets alarmed, barely managing to say, "Jump back!", as he does so, pointing his guns at the glowing ball.

The ball of light emits some of brilliant magical energy that swirls around for a while quietly. Then, without warning, a huge holographic projection fills the space above the table. Everyone is momentarily paralysed with fear as they recognize the creature as Jenova.

Then, the Jenova projection speaks, in calm, emotionless voice that chills every listener to the bone. "Sephiroth! Know that my face is most goth-like! While it's unlikely that this ludicruous gang that you spoke of manages to ruin our plans, you must send a clone of you to the Isle of Cerberus, to learn the secret of Acne Medication! Soon I and my horde of puppets will destroy the Planet!"

Then Jenova projection, along with the ball of energy that projected it, disappears, without sound or much other ceremony or flashiness. All of the friends look at the now-vacant space, completely stunned.

Then, Cloud dares to speak. "We must send Vincent to the Isle of Cerberus", he says, matter-of-factly.

Vincent looks at Cloud puzzledly, raising his eyebrows in non-human fashion. "Hm? Why me?", he says, his voice betraying his utter confusion.

But before Vincent even notices to react, Tifa and Cloud have already grabbed his hands, Barrett has grabbed his legs, and he's promptly heaved outside, where Cid quickly ties him to the back of a gold chocobo. As Cloud slaps the chocobo's behind, the bird panics and begins to run like wind out to the ocean, zig-zagging wildly.

Then, as the bird reaches outer sea, it mysteriously disappears out of view with a silly "Zot!" effect, as if affected by some sort of transdimensional teleportation spell.

And thus begin Vincent's journeys in the Isle of Cerberus...


(And here's an obscure hint for those who don't get the joke. =)