"You see, this tail of mine," unnecessary comma, "moves quite independently of my will."

Arrrrgh. I'm slowly but surely being drawn into the maddening, all-consuming, yawning maw of Final Fantasy VII - I fear there's no return from this journey.

I am starting to question my sanity. How can I so much fall in love with a game with repulsively obvious subtext, generally pathetic dialogue, and a combat system straight out of stone age?

It is a great mystery.

Hmm, I'm nowhere near the end, but I've been listening to the sountrack quite extensively.

I wish someone would make a little bit more lighthearted remix of One-Winged Angel, with lyrics from some other parts of Carmina Burana...

:;: In taberna quando sumus
non curamus quid sit humus
In taberna quando sumus
non curamus quid sit humus
SEPHIROTH! (tattattattattattattattaaaattattattt) :;:
Bibit hera... bibit herus...
bibit miles... bibit clerus...

...and so on =)

(The first sign that you're worried that you're going to lose your mind: Trying to make humorous twists of the thing you fear.)

Aside of this, I think I need to finish Zelda: Ocarina of Time soon. Only two dungeons to go. Probably need to look at the most annoying one first.