Let's see: I started playing Neverwinter Nights a lot again. I'm finally continuing the Hordes of the Underdark campagn.

The weird bit yesterday: I did some magery, there was a wild magic surge, which incidentally made my character spam the balor lord in the next room, through the closed door mind you, with a fireball - quite unusual, since the character doesn't know that spell. Understandable, since that was a wild magic surge. Anyway, the balor lord blew up. So did the application. Did a spell and I ended up adoring the desktop. Now that was wicked.

Great Dialogue:
"Umm... Boss... How do you spell 'atmospheric'?"

Tonight: Three hours straight Final Fantasy VII. And just as I was about to actually start to enjoy it, it crashed when I waltzed into one of them "random encounters". Well, I didn't ask for a bloody random encounter!

Great Dialogue:

Frustrated, I tried to play Ultima VIII. But guess what? Oh, since I've got an USB mouse, I've got to play it from Windows DOS Shell, and, you know, it has this small stability problem, even with the fan-made windows patch... Hrrrrrrm.
(It always crashes Win98 completely when I try to get out of the gateway leading to the royal hall. I've got to figure out a way to hack the items. I'll make the plaques read "Hotel California".)

Great (Hypothetical) Dialogue:
Avatar: "Nice axe!"
Shaana: "That's got to be the worst pick-up line I've ever heard..."
(...and an ancient joke from a web page long gone and forgotten too... =)

That's it. Three crashes in such short period of time is enough. I think I'll switch to writing pen-and-paper D&D adventures for a while. The rulebooks definitely won't crash (though, if I were a less lenient DM, they might, often), and Writer rarely does, either.