My sister and I invented two new cool games, based on Super Smash Bros. Melee. These game ideas are presented here, in the glorious tradition of the local Nintendo magazine of early 90s; in other words, these things are pretty silly and not many people necessarily find them cool, but for some reason, they got published anyway in a less than reputable publication. But silliness is a good thing.

Spot a Fox

Preparation: View all trophies, zoomed all the way in. Other player must move the view around. Rules: Whoever finds the Fox McCloud trophies first wins. This is easy if you've only beaten Classic and Adventure modes with Fox, slightly trickier if you've also beaten All-Star mode - the All-Star trophy is a bit harder to find among the trophies.

Guess Who?

Players take turns zooming into individual trophies. While the other player looks away, the other tries to find an interesting viewing angle to an individual trophy, and when that is found, the other player can look, and tries to guess which trophy it actually is. Special conditions: Zooming too far is not allowed (in other words, you aren't allowed to do misclipped views, like zooming inside someone's head or something).