The following are random questions from the letters page ("Box Mario") of Nintendo-lehti (which, I believe, was the Finnish version of Nintendo Power in 1990-1995 or so). I try to answer them as best as I can, because frankly, the answers given in the magazine left quite a bit to be desired.

"Can you use magic in Mega Man 2 or DuckTales?" (3/1991) Mega Man II, set in year 200X, is regrettably set in time when magic is generally believed to be only superstitious, and science and reasoning has gained foothold tremenduously. As such, magic might be highly out of place. DuckTales represents the latter animated productions of Disney, in the time when the Disney magic had already started to fade (which is not to say DuckTales was bad, I did enjoy the series myself) - I have to say that until The Lion King (1994), the Disney Magic was clearly going strong, and after that, it sort of died down, with only a couple of notable exceptions (such as Mulan (1998)).

"Is Duck Hunt only a game for passing time?" (9/1992) No. Most obvious answer would be that, since Duck Hunt is rather repetitive and simple-minded, it is a way of attaining Nirvana. In western society, however, the game can be seen as a powerful suppressor of hunting instincts that tend to surface way too often. The popularity of the laughing dog can be seen either as a signal that people like comedy and believe in brighter future, or, for some individuals who would rather shoot the dog, a focus of hatred in the world. Either way, the game is obviously good for you.

"Where can I replace a game called Action 52?" (6/1994) Now, the reply from the magazine spoke the usual garbage about Action 52 being non-approved cartridge full of "copies". Obviously, the magazine did not get it. Action 52, unlike other unapproved games, has to be replaced by any means necessary. The cartridge sure isn't full of copied games, it's full of The Real Stuff. (You know, genuine countryside smell and all.) It shouldn't matter if the cart is unapproved. Official Nintendo representatives should immediately, upon encountering this cartridge, remove it, reimburse the owner in form of n or more "genuine" cartridges, and place the Action 52 cartridge in... um... some kind of highly hazardous material containment.

More stupid replies coming later on! Wow, I'm really bad at this game humor thing! Seanbaby would be rolling in his grave, if he would be dead! Well, fortunately, these replies aren't exactly supposed to be funny, just... a bit thoughtful. =)