Well, here's a late-as-usual link, thanks to Slashdot Games: 4-player Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles without GBAs.

Five. Gamecubes. With Wavebirds. Five. Televelevisions. Five each. H-ho-ho-holy cow. I'm still shaking.

All right, step aside, Steel Battalion! We have a new champion holding the title to the most Manly Controller Available, and I don't think this title is going to go anywhere just yet.

One GC for the game itself. Four GCs with GBA Players and Wavebirds, and each with their own television for controllers. The controllers are fancier than the actual game console running the game!

This is the new standard. A Steel Battalion game, including the controller, costed just about the same as the XBox itself. Now, here we have, tum de dum, a game, four game units, their controllers, and televisions... I'm absolutely awed.